Become a UAE resident
in 2 days in Dubai
$77.270 is per capita GDP (world average $17.500)
#1 safest country in the 2023 Global Terrorism Index *the Institute for Economics and Peace
convenient air routes to anywhere in the world
Tax system
no taxes on dividends, salaries, royalties, investment income
comfortable living conditions 7 months a year
about 200 nationalities live together in the Emirates, the immigrant population is 91%
How to obtain
UAE residence visa
Invest in real estate

If you invest in real estate in the UAE from 750,000 dirhams (about $ 205,000), then you will receive a Golden Visa for 2 years.

In the case of investments from 2.000.000 dirhams (about 545.000 dollars), you will be given a Golden Visa for 10 years. Your family also has the option to get a Golden Visa for the same duration as yours.

  • You have the opportunity to take a mortgage in one of the UAE banks: the down payment will be from 40 to 50%.
  • The total amount of investment may consist of several properties and is considered total.
  • Also, this amount must be fully repaid and not in a mortgage.
The amount of the acquired property is 3,000,000 dirhams, of which 40% is taken from the bank, that is, 1,200,000 dirhams. In this case, the land department will assess the amount of investment in real estate in the remaining 1.800.000 dirhams and approve the issuance of residency for only 2 years.

A Golden Visa holder can enter and leave the country an unlimited number of times a year and can be absent from the country any amount of time.

If you are interested in this method of obtaining a residence permit, our team will help you choose an object for investment and provide competent financial and legal support for a real estate purchase and sale transaction.

If you have already invested the required amount of funds in real estate, our specialists will issue you a residence permit in record time.

Officially get a job in a functioning company in the UAE

The official work visa is issued for a period of 2 years, and its holder can be absent from the country for no more than 179 consecutive days.

  • For a work visa to be valid, you must visit the UAE every 179 days.

An immigrant who has received such a visa has the right to work only in this company, and no other.

If you are interested in this method of obtaining a residence permit, leave a request, and our manager will give you an individual consultation regarding your situation and our capabilities.

Open your own company in the UAE

If you are planning a business activity in the UAE or outside of it, using a tax-free account and convenient banking infrastructure, you can open a company and obtain residency from it.

If you want to get your visa this way, we have experts on our team to help you.

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The cost of a basic consultation with our experts is $500.

If you are applying for the first time, the cost will be 50$.



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Steps to obtain a residence permit with MASTERPIECE

Consultation with our expert


Application for a residence permit, payment


Providing the necessary documents


The next step depends on the method of obtaining a residence permit.

When applying for residency through the registration of your company, we certify the power of attorney online, register the company for you and issue an invitation to enter the country on its behalf.

In case of obtaining a residence permit through employment in a functioning company, we sign a job offer, an employment contract and send an invitation to Dubai

If your choice is to obtain residency by investing in real estate, our team of experts will offer you properties for investment and close the deal.


Passing an express medical test, fingerprinting in Dubai


Obtaining a visa stamp


Obtaining Emirates ID

Start with useful consultations

The cost of a basic consultation with our experts is $500.

If you are applying for the first time, the cost will be 50$.


Residence permit
in the Emirates
Obtaining a residence permit, Emirates ID – an electronic visa for 2 years
Residential property lease agreement – EJARI for 12 months
Technological support, corporate mail, phone
Opening of 2 bank accounts for salaries and investments
Registration of a notarized power of attorney
Transport support for you and your family
A.G. confidential client
I wanted to obtain a Gold visa. I approached Alexey and his team, who offered me multiple real estate options. After selecting some properties, they helped me with the transaction, and I received my Gold visa. Currently, their team manages my properties, and I receive a steady income every month. It’s truly amazing, thank you!
M.K. confidential client
The agent was extremely helpful and polite in responding to questions. The visa was issued within the timeframe provided and additional services provided for smooth travels. I will use them again for future visa requirements.
E.O. confidential client
I am really impressed by the service and how they are willing to go the extra mile to help their client. Thanks for the support in obtaining my visa on time!
S.L. confidential client
MASTERPIECE has very great service. I really like to recommend Irina. She is a very helpful, kind and honest person. She can explain everything very clearly and support at every step of getting residency.
A.K. confidential client
Exceptional service from Irina who was able to issue a visa for the UAE so fast! A real lifesaver. Great service ,fast, polite, concise and effective. Will definitely use it again.
E.K. confidential client
MASTERPIECE had the most competent and customer-oriented approach among the three companies that I approached. That’s why I chose to get my visa through you. I do not often meet people with such high responsibility and professionalism as this staff and managers.
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