MASTERPIECE Group was created with the aim of assisting a relocation of individuals and what matters to them: family and business, with the comfort of optimizing tasks related to relocation, real estate, and capital management. We are an independent team of professionals with broad knowledge and 12 years of experience in the Dubai market, which allows us to provide high-quality services at all stages of interaction. Each team member strives to deliver not only the expected result but also additional value from the interaction. 

89% of clients recommend us, while the average market benchmark is only 40%. Clients trust us with their plans, ideas, and dreams, and we are happy to help them realize their goals.

We believe that each member of our team is one of the best specialists in their field. Everyone has a professional development plan with clear goals and a qualification improvement program.


We are a reliable guide to a comfortable world in the Emirates for people with a high level of prosperity who value relationships and their time.

We organize life and business in Dubai, providing comprehensive services in the field of relocation, real estate, and capital management, following our principles: honesty, confidentiality, and professionalism.

Each client is a partner for us for long-term cooperation.

Team Values

1. Professionalism and Development – being passionate about our work, having accumulated experience and knowledge, constantly refining personal qualities, complying with industry standards, as well as continuously learning and seeking development.

2. Honesty – we adhere to high standards of business conduct, provide an independent market assessment, openly discuss our strengths and opportunities, recommend reliable partners, timely alert of changes in problem-solving structures to ensure the best outcome for our clients.

3. Integrity and Quality – executing tasks at the highest level of professionalism, taking into account clients’ wishes and needs.

4. Partnership – mutually beneficial cooperation based on trust, investing in building and maintaining relationships where clients and partners are an extension of the company, and the value of each person is recognized and highlighted.

5. Flexibility – the ability to adjust to circumstances, solve tasks and find solutions based on listening to clients, experience, and expertise.

6. Value – we strive to provide maximum benefits in every interaction. Trust us with your ideas and tasks, and we will find the best approach for their implementation. We act clearly and quickly. With our team, you will be comfortable and calm.

Our Team

Alexey Miroshnichenko

Founder & СЕО 

13 years in Dubai

Expertise: creation of a life interest center / business management in the UAE with the required economic presence, tax optimization, real estate for life and investment.

Natali Dolmatova

Personal Assistant

Expertise: optimization of management time, creation of business processes, building relationships with partners

Responsible for quick and high-quality interaction with the founder of MASTERPIECE and solving any questions related to the company.

Irina Miroshnichenko


Expertise: development, implementation, and control of company’s operational plans in line with the strategy

Responsible for efficiency, quality, and optimization of business processes, as well as employees team management on the path to common business goals achievement.

Kristina Dyubanova

Director of Business Development 

Expertise: Businesses Development, Partnerships Network Expansion, Property Management, Business Setup & Relocation.

Responsible for mutually beneficial cooperation with clients, investors and partners.

Bobur Azimov

Investment Adviser

Expertise: buying, selling and leasing of real estate, analyst of the investment market in the UAE.

Responsible for the fact that you have a comfortable in viewing the objects (premises, buildings, offices), chooses the unit that suits you and ensure that your documents are ready for a transparent transaction.

Xena Rendon

Vacation Homes Specialist / Property Management Specialist

Expertise: real estate rental, accommodation and management of objects on local and international resources Dubizzle, Bayut, Property Finder, Booking, Airbnb.

Responsible for renting your property, taking care of its excellent condition and the highest ROI that you get with MASTERPIECE.

Julia Mikhailenko

Property Advisor

Expertise: selection of liquid objects for real estate investments, market analysis of both primary and secondary real estate, support at all stages of the transaction.

Responsible for maintaining and increasing your investment.

Tatiana Khmeleva


Expertise: building a marketing strategy and partnership network, PR

Responsible for a successful and pleasant experience of your interaction with our company online and offline.

Evgenii Resh

Senior IT & SMM Manager 

Expertise: management and development of digital channels.

Responsible for content on social networks and media space.

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