What a Golden visa gives you?

  • Residence for an individual and all family members
  • Possibility to live in the UAE
  • High level of comfort, life near the sea and developed infrastructure
  • Medical insurance and the opportunity to use the services of leading healthcare institutions
  • Complete absence of capital taxation
  • Opportunity to open bank accounts
  • Access to mortgage programs and loans with a minimum interest rate
  • The right to open and run a business in the UAE
  • Security and stability
  • Simplified obtaining a Schengen and USA visa
  • Access to prestigious education for your children
  • Opportunity to obtain an international driver’s license, which is valid in 50 countries of the world

MASTERPIECE Group provides support to investors and entrepreneurs in obtaining the UAE Golden Visa for a period of 2, 5 and 10 years.

Key advantages with us

  • your participation is minimal
  • 100% result guarantee
  • 5 days – record time to get a Golden Visa

We work, you rest

Who can get a Golden Visa?

  • investors
  • entrepreneurs
  • scientists and highly qualified specialists

Conditions for the investor

If you invest in real estate in the UAE from 750.000 dirhams (about 205.000 dollars), then you can get a Golden Visa for 2 years.

In the case of investments from 2.000.000 dirhams (about 545.000 dollars), you will receive a Golden Visa for 10 years.

Your family also has the opportunity to get a Golden Visa.

You can buy residential and commercial real estate in special areas – Freehold Zones. You have the opportunity to take a mortgage in one of the UAE banks: the down payment will be from 50%.

Conditions for an entrepreneur

If you own a company with a registered capital of 500,000 dirhams (about $136,500) or your business project has been approved by business incubators accredited in the UAE, you can get a Golden Visa for 5 years. You have the opportunity to include three more top managers of the company in your visa application.

Steps to get the UAE Golden Investor Visa

  1. Execution of a documents package 
  2. Applying for a Golden Visa
  3. Medical examination in the UAE
  4. Fingerprinting if you don’t have an Emirates ID
  5. Visa stamp in the passport
  6. Getting an Emirates ID, an identification card for a resident of the United Arab Emirates

What will we ask you to provide?

  • An electronic copy of the Title Deed Certificate
  • Valid international health insurance
  • Original Emirates ID (if available)
  • Scanned copies of all pages of civil and foreign passports
  • Photo (a separate file in electronic form in *.JPG format with a resolution of at least 200 pixels and a size of at least 45x55mm (when printed); the oval of the face should occupy 80% of the total size of the photo)


Yes. This rule applies to holders of a standard residence visa, but holders of Golden Visas are exempted from it. A Golden Visa holder can be in the UAE for less than 180 days per year.

The UAE Golden Visa Program does not limit the age of applicants. Retirees can get a Golden visa for buying real estate or investing from $544.500.

Investors over 55 years of age can obtain a 5-year visa in Dubai for investments under the Retire in Dubai program. To get a visa, you must:

  • confirm income from 4.100 $ per month;
  • buy property for $275.000 or open a bank deposit for the same amount.

After 2, 5 or 10 years, it can be renewed, while you go through the standard simple renewal procedure.

All questions on the Golden Visa are decided on an individual basis, but as long as the visa has not expired, it is considered valid.

We give a 100% guarantee of getting the UAE Golden Visa with our agency.

We work, you rest. All that is required of you is to fly to the country with a predetermined list of documents. Properly executed documents are an important part of the visa process.

We check and adjust them before your arrival to ensure that all requirements are met.

We give a 100% guarantee that with us you will become the owner of the Golden Visa.

Your comfort is our priority. English and Russian speaking experts accompany you in all institutions and locations where your personal presence is required to submit documents and go through the registration and verification procedures for obtaining a visa. Our team provides a transfer by luxury car to the migration authorities for a medical examination, obtaining an Emirates ID card.

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