Golden visa UAE
Long-term residency visa that enables foreign investors to live and work or study in the UAE for up to 10 years
Business Setup
Start Your Own Business in Dubai or Anywhere in UAE with a corporate bank account and 0% TAX
Business Setup and Company Relocation
Start Your Own Business in Dubai or Anywhere in UAE with a corporate bank account and 0% TAX
Concierge Service
Our team of experts provides international, local and personal concierge services to ensure your trip is perfect. Whether you are planning a visit with family or your business colleagues, our goal is to ensure that you are completely relaxed and comfortable at all times.
Crypto consulting
We can connect you with licensed crypto providers to accompany the process of receiving money and paying through crypto currency, we recommend the optimal procedure, we offer the best rates, security, reliability and confidentiality.
Real Estate Investment and Property Management
Get a property investment advisory from our Real Estate and Property Management licensed specialists to get the highest possible Return on Investment.
UAE Golden Visa
Long-term residency visa that enables foreign investors to live and work or study in the UAE for up to 10 years.
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Business Setup, Relocation, UAE Residency, Golden Visa, Tax Residency Certificate (TRC), Real Estate Advisory, Property Management, Corporate and Personal Solutions all over Dubai and UAE.
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MASTERPIECE GROUP is an official partner of the Dubai Economic Department (DED) and 50 UAE Free Trade Zones. We are recognized by UAE government departments.
As established experts with over 12 years of experience we skillfully achieving goals of Relocation, Business & Personal Growth and investment in Real Estate in United Arab Emirates. Focusing on the result, we comprehensively provide solutions to create maximum comfort & success for our customers.
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Lucas Z.
Reviews from our owners
“I recently relocated my business with the MASTERPIECE Group to optimize taxes, and I couldn’t be happier with their expertise and professionalism. The team was incredibly knowledgeable and worked quickly to ensure a smooth transition for my business to Dubai. It was a pleasure to communicate with them. Very reliable and professional guys.”
Michael S.
Reviews from our owners
“The MASTERPIECE Team assisted me in relocating to Dubai with my entire family, which I am incredibly grateful for. Their ability to conduct many tasks online, without my direct involvement, made the process very comfortable.”
Ullubiy Bakuev Partner at CLS GLOBAL
Reviews from our owners
“Компания в кратчайший срок разработала корпоративную структуру, и, что более важно, реализовала ее: от регистрации компании, до открытия банковских счетов и помощи с оформлением сотрудников. Считаю, что нам повезло найти такого надежного консультанта на рынке ОАЭ.”
How to purchase property from a developer?
The process includes selecting a property with the assistance of our brokers, reserving the property by making a deposit payment through a credit card link, paying the down payment ranging from 5-24%, signing the purchase agreement, making further payments according to the construction schedule, conducting an inspection after completion, obtaining ownership documents (Title Deed), and receiving the keys. For detailed information about every stage, please visit our Dubai Real Estate page.
What is the difference between purchasing secondary real estate and property from a developer?
When purchasing primary real estate in Dubai, you have the advantage of a flexible payment plan, a lower down payment, and a high potential return on investment (ROI) of up to 50% upon resale. However, you can not immediately move in or rent out the property. On the other hand, secondary real estate offers the opportunity to assess the property’s quality firsthand, generate immediate rental income, and potentially negotiate a lower price. However, it may require repairs or renovations, and full payment is usually required upfront. The choice between off-plan and secondary real estate depends on your preferences and financial capabilities.
How to start your relocation to Dubai?
Start with obtaining a residency visa. There are three options: through property acquisition starting from $205.000, through employment in an existing UAE company, or through registering your own company. Once you have obtained the residency visa, you can proceed with opening a bank account, renting an apartment, obtaining worldwide insurance coverage, enrolling your children in schools and universities, and fully enjoying the benefits of the country. Detailed information about obtaining a residency visa can get by contacting our team.
How to register a company in the UAE?
To open a company in the UAE, you need to provide 5 company name options (if the first one is already taken in the system, the system will reserve the second one, and so on). Additionally, you will need to submit the following documents: a scanned copy of your passport, a passport-sized photograph with a white background, and the latest entry and exit stamp from the UAE (if you have passed through electronic passport control, providing the dates and tickets is sufficient).
What ROI can be obtained by investing with MASTERPIECE?
By collaborating with us, you receive a contract and a bank guarantee for a 6% annual ROI from rental income of secondary real estate, payable at 0.5% per month or 80% of the rent after deducting our management fee. When investing in property from a developer, the profit will be based on the growth of the real estate market. On average, in a growing market, this can range from 30-50% annual return, taking into account the payment of only a portion of the property and capitalizing the entire price.
Is investing in Dubai real estate now a good idea?
It offers the opportunity to invest in a growing market in a country with a stable economy (the dirham-to-dollar exchange rate has remained steady for 52 years). You can generate a stable passive income from renting out the property, benefit from a bank-guaranteed 6% annual ROI, earn a 30% profit from property resale, and obtain residency in a low-tax country through property ownership. According to Arabian Business research, the real estate market grew by 95% in 2023 compared to the previous year.
What to pay attention to when buying property in Dubai?
Check the broker for the presence of a broker card and request the company’s license that the broker represents.If you are purchasing property from a developer, ensure that you are making payments into an escrow account. If buying property on the secondary market, check the ownership document (title deed). Compare the price per square meter with the Property Finder website to evaluate the fairness of the offer. Consult reliable professionals who have been working in the Dubai market for a long time.
Do you provide guarantees, including for opening a bank account?
Our goal is to deliver results. With years of experience and a large network of trusted partners, we are able to guarantee each of the services we offer, and we support this with a contractual agreement. For example, if you invest with us, you receive a bank guarantee for a 6% ROI with monthly payments of 0.5%. If you are opening a corporate bank account, you would submit all the required documents, and upon verification, we can confirm the guarantee of account opening or provide guidance on any documents that may need improvement or additional information, and if necessary, assist you with that. Therefore, yes, we are committed to delivering results and building long-term mutually beneficial relationships on this platform.
How can I transfer my assets and business to the UAE?
To properly execute the process of transferring your assets and business to the UAE, it is necessary to describe the structure, geography, and type of your business, provide information about the founders, and reach out to us.
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